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Buy side investors are rich in financial operation data, but poor in primary qualitative data. Find out how Tegus can help you answer why things are happening and what's going to happen next.

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The Buy Side's Leading Primary Research Platform

Investors are overloaded with real-time access to financial operation data, but are left behind trying to digest and understand why things are happening and what's going to happen next. Tegus' real-time and proprietary primary research platform helps our clients make sense of information overload to regain their competitive advantage and make smarter decisions, faster.

Save with Price Disruptive 1on1 Calls

Tegus is 75% cheaper than existing expert networks

Screen Investment Ideas

Analyze red flags or strong signals from advisors across the value chain

Access Differentiated, Proprietary Content

In a single click, find unique insights and information across the platform

Get Up to Speed Faster

Spend less time searching for information and more time analyzing

Generate Investment Ideas

Smart search to find all companies mentioning any keyword

Benefit from Leading Expertise

Industry leading advisors hand picked to match precise needs

Our Solutions

Tegus Platform

Proprietary primary 
research at your fingertips.

Uncover key insights quicker.

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1on1 Calls

The lowest cost provider of 1on1 calls.

White glove service without the white glove price.

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Why Tegus?

On Demand Primary Research

Scale and expand research coverage by screening proprietary primary research from across the value chain including former executives, customers, competitors, partners, and more. Our customers analyze red flags or strong positive signals in conversations to understand what opportunities are worth spending time or passing on.

Connecting Expertise

Tegus offers a complete solution for information search beyond a platform. Our customers rely on Tegus to connect them efficiently and intelligently with advisors across the value chain who can offer unique insights to power their decisions.

Time Savings

Instantly-available conversations condenses the time in collecting primary insights. With Tegus, customers can read through conversation more efficiently spending time on the key parts that really matter and speaking with Advisors best suited for projects. What used to take hours now takes minutes.

With Tegus, you spend less time searching for answers and more time analyzing.​

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